Sue has over 30 years experience

Sue Leadbeater is a specialist family lawyer with a background in a broad spectrum of areas of law.

She has over 30 years experience in dealing with all aspects of family law for both married and unmarried clients. Sue specialises in the financial aspects of marriage and relationship breakdown including the division of business assets and pension sharing as well as child related matters. She also has an interest in assisting couples in planning and avoiding the consequences of dispute by entering into written agreements at the start of a relationship. These are particularly relevant for those who are embarking on the purchase of a home with unequal contributions to make, going into business together or individually, in a second or subsequent relationship and there are children from a former relationship to protect financially or where there is a significant discrepancy in assets.

Sue’s aim is to avoid litigation

Sue’s aim is to provide people with tools and information so that they can do as much as they can themselves. After all, it is their life that is affected by decisions made and every situation is different. It is important that people have an understanding of all the options open to them to ensure they make the right decision for them. Sue's overall aim is to help people reach an agreement and avoid litigation and treat court proceedings as a last resort if it is the only way to resolve matters.

To this end she has acquired various skills over the years in conducting non adversarial litigation by means of mediation, collaboration and negotiation. Since qualification Sue has been a member of Resolution, an organisation of family lawyers committed to resolving disputes in a non-confrontational way. She deals with disputes in a constructive way designed to preserve people's dignity and to encourage agreement.

Sue is specially trained to offer support and guidance to couples in dispute

As a Collaborative lawyer Sue is specially trained to offer support and guidance to couples in dispute working with their lawyers as a team in meetings to resolve issues without going to court.

Sue finds that people are happier having control over their own destiny and making decisions on what is important to them and their children as well as an opportunity to minimise conflict and costs and thereby maximise emotional wellbeing and preserve the assets they have worked hard for. However, if this does not result in a satisfactory conclusion Sue is experienced and confident to assist throughout the court process.

We're knowledgeable about how best to help you

We understand that you when you come to us it has not always been an easy decision and may have been forced upon you as a result of the actions of others. It can be difficult talking about your situation. We take the time to understand you, what is important to you and what your needs are. We ensure that you receive advice which is practical, straight forward and in non legal jargon and which looks at all your options and the implications of taking any of those steps not only from a financial perspective but also how it might affect your emotional wellbeing.

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