Welcome to SL Family Law, a specialist Family Law practice based in Nottinghamshire

Offering practical and straight forward advice on all aspects of family law. We wish to be as flexible as possible when you need to speak with us or see us and offer times to do that when it is suitable for you. We understand you have busy lives and it is not always easy to find time in a traditional 9 to 5 working day to deal with important family matters.

What We Offer

Sue has over 30 years experience helping clients with family related legal issues. She is happy to have a chat with you to give you some general guidance on matters which are concerning you. On getting in touch she will arrange a telephone conference or meeting with you for up to 30 minutes for which there would be no cost to you or a longer meeting if more specialised guidance on your situation is required followed by a detailed letter with her advice for an agreed fixed fee. She will provide you with information, help you establish your options, what you can do, how much each step might cost and what support is available to give you the knowledge to decide on what is best for you.

We're knowledgeable about how best to help you

We understand that you when you come to us it has not always been an easy decision and may have been forced upon you as a result of the actions of others. It can be difficult talking about your situation. We take the time to understand you, what is important to you and what your needs are. We ensure that you receive advice which is practical, straight forward and in non legal jargon and which looks at all your options and the implications of taking any of those steps not only from a financial perspective but also how it might affect your emotional wellbeing.

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