A couple planning to enter a marriage or civil partnership or who are already married or in a civil partnership may wish to enter into an agreement that shows what they intend to happen to their money and property if the marriage or civil partnership were to end. It may be that you both wish to be as organised as possible with your finances. Having such an agreement in place does not mean you are more likely to get divorced. A nuptial agreement might be particularly beneficial where:

  • one of you has substantially greater capital or income than the other
  • one or both of you wishes to protect assets you owned prior to the marriage, including inheritances or family trusts
  • it would be beneficial to define what is considered to be ‘matrimonial property’ or ‘non-matrimonial property’, for example in relation to business assets owned by one of you prior to the marriage
  • one or both of you has children from a previous marriage or relationship and wishes to protect assets for the purposes of inheritance planning
  • one or both of you has a connection with, or property in, another jurisdiction

Guidance on whether an agreement would be beneficial to you and support throughout the process is provided in accordance with your particular circumstances.


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