A cohabitation agreement or Living Together Agreement is a written, signed document setting out the terms of how you and your partner wish to deal with three principal areas:

  • who owns (and owes) what at the time of the agreement, and in what proportions
  • what financial arrangements you have decided to make while you are living together, and
  • how property, assets and income should be divided if you should split up

Where the agreement is properly drawn up, the terms are reasonable, and each of you has had separate, independent legal advice on its effect, a court is more likely to uphold the agreement in the event of a dispute. The agreement can include provisions that address potential future events, e.g. the needs of any future children.
They encourage communication at the start of a relationship and therefore minimise misunderstandings later.
Guidance on whether an agreement would be beneficial to you and support throughout the process is provided in accordance with your particular circumstances.


If you would like more information and/or a written guide in relation to this please contact us.