Change of Name


It is possible to change any part or all of your own name. There may be a variety of reasons why you wish to do this. You can change your forenames, surname (or both), add names, remove names, change the spelling of your names or rearrange your existing names.


If you want to change your name and get all your official documents and records changed to show your new name e.g. your UK passport, driving licence, bank account, credit card, medical records etc, you will be asked to produce documentary evidence of your name change.¬† The correct legal name for a deed that has been drawn up to change someone’s name is a Deed of Change of Name (but more commonly known as a Deed Poll). A Deed Poll document is a formal statement that enables you to prove to such record holders that you have changed your name and it provides you with the required documentary evidence and official recognition of the name by which you wish to be known.


A Deed for a change of name contains three declarations and by executing the Deed Poll (signing, dating and having your signing witnessed) you are legally committing yourself to:

  • Abandoning the use of your former name;
  • Using your new name only at all times;
  • Requiring all persons to address you by your new name only.

In certain circumstances you can change the name of a child. There are however restrictions if you wish to do so based on public policy.


Guidance on whether a Deed of Change of Name is appropriate and support in preparing the Deed is provided in accordance with your particular circumstances.


If you would like more information and/or a written guide in relation to this please contact us.